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Discover the Power of Jesus: Your Pathway to Salvation, Inspiration, and Transformation
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Why Jesus American Christianity (JAC)

JAC was created to help American Christians focus on the power, love and faith of Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith.

Sometimes we get busy with life, get discouraged and neglect our path to salvation, then we may become Lost Sheep. We all have friends or relatives who left the church for different reasons.


Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. on the rock. on the rock.

Our Mission

Our Mission

The Mission of Jesus American Christianity is to encourage Christians to learn about Jesus, to love Jesus and rededicate to him in their lives according to the bible.

What We Believe (33)

What We Believe

The Trinity consists of The Father, Jesus the Son and the Holy Spirit. Jesus was sent by the Father.  He taught us about the Father’s love, faith, words, and actions and what to do to receive…



My name is Clyde Ching. I’m not a scholar, or famous theologian. I’m a theologian who studies the bible, a servant of God and a soldier in Jesus’ Army. 

Dudical World

Dudicals are radical dudes who are heroes of our world. They are just girls and boys who have no special powers but use their skills and faith to inspire others and get things done. In this adventure story, follow along a group of friends who go to the beach to have fun and end up encountering unreal events that change their lives.

Accept Jesus Into Your Life:

The Foundation of Salvation



We provide scriptures and shareable resources to read on the teachings, stories, and actions of Jesus Christ.


Free Life Insurance

We promote a free spiritual insurance policy that promises freedom from troubles and protection from storms.

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Original Faith-inspired Music

We provide music to aid worship by communicating Jesus’ stories, enlightening the spirit, and glorifying God.

Heal With Jesus

God is with Us, God Loves Us. We Share in His Power.

In every moment of our lives, His presence is our guiding light, His love is our unfailing support, and His power is our strength. As we walk together in faith, let us embrace this divine truth, finding solace, courage, and purpose. United in His grace, we can overcome any challenge, uplift each other, and shine His light in the world. Together, we are a testament to His everlasting love and boundless power.

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