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Chapter 8

American History With God, State Of American Christianity


American History: Men of God during the Civil War: Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson.

During the Civil War there were many men of God on both sides fighting each other. Three of them stand out to me: Abraham Lincoln, Robert E. Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson. My favorite is Stonewall Jackson not only for his brilliance on the battlefield, but for his love and service to God.

Stonewall Jackson: An American Warrior For Jesus

The following is based on my readings and documentaries viewed on Stonewall Jackson. Before the Civil War, Stonewall Jackson was a Deacon at Virginia’s Lexington Presbyterian Church. There he conducted an African American Sunday School for the slaves, showing them the way to salvation. Many students had accepted Jesus in this school.

Stonewall Jackson took great personal risk to teach African American people to read as it was unpopular and illegal to do. He was willing to cross boundaries for the sake of the gospel. He had the courage to stand up for Jesus and obtain victory because of his beliefs and actions. He ignored hate and ridicule for Jesus. Stonewall Jackson was a great battlefield general for God.

During the Civil War, Stonewall Jackson once forgot to send money to pay for bibles and supplies to his Sunday School. He wrote a letter to his apologizing for his delay in payment. Even in battle, he never forgot the spiritual battle for the souls of people. Slaves wanted Stonewall Jackson to purchase them because he treated them well. But above all, Stonewall Jackson was a man who loved God, loved others and did God’s will.

During the Civil War Stonewall Jackson influenced others to become Christians. He gave bibles, had bible studies and prayed with his troops.

There is folklore that when Thomas Stonewall Jackson passed away, the angels went to go get him and bring him to heaven; but he was gone. When the angels went back to heaven he was already there; Stonewall Jackson outflanked them.

The Jesus American Christianity Address
(modeled after the Gettysburg Address by Abraham Lincoln 1863)

One hundred and one score and seven years ago, Our Heavenly Father brought forth on this earth a new baby boy, conceived in his everlasting love for us. This boy Jesus, became salvation to the men and women living, have died and yet to live, on the command that we Love God, Love One Another and have the faith that this boy Jesus is, The Way.

Now we are engaged in a great spiritual and physical war, testing our love, faith and Christian Nation to see if we will endure. We are here to fight together for Jesus in the battlefield of this war. We have come to or should come to dedicate our lives to God and make that dedication to serve him and to help in the love and salvation of others, especially our Children. It is altogether fitting; faithful and proper we should do this.

But in a larger sense, we cannot dedicate, we can not consecrate, we cannot hallow this dedication. Our Savior Jesus Christ who died for us, who we should honor, has consecrated all heaven and earth, has hallowed this dedication far above our power and understanding to do so.

The world will little note nor long remember what was said and promised here; but we the followers of Jesus Christ can never forget what he did for us and our duty to him. It is rather for us who are here, to witness our vows and devotion to God in the name of Jesus who gave his full measure of devotion and sacrifice, so that all will never forget and dedicate to God in the great task of salvation they have remaining before them.

That this nation, under God, shall have a new revival of Jesus and that the government of God, for the people, by the people, shall not perish from the earth, but enter heaven where the Father and Son waits. Therefore it is our duty to help others not perish, see them enter a new birth of freedom and help our mighty God populate heaven.

American Christianity:
American Christianity (AC) has faced a lot of criticism though the years and much of that is well deserved. Yet, I am proud of the fact that AC still supports ministries more than any other nation and its dedication to spread God’s word. However, there are many things that need help and change. One of those is regarding the commandment from Jesus to love one another. Some churches are failing and some churches are growing. We need to help church growth and have a united front.

We are so blessed with religious freedom; but internal fighting has caused division and conflict. Instead of lovingly disagreeing and healthy communication, hate and condemnation seems to take over. Love, grace, respect and humility is taking a back seat. Hypocrisy, pride, arrogance, hate, money, self-gratification and social media are some of the examples why AC is losing focus on Jesus. This negativity affects the church. At times, it appears that selling Jesus monetarily or politically is more important than selling the true love and faith of Jesus. Look what happened at the temple where merchants were ripping people off in the name of God. Jesus was so angry, he turned over tables and expressed his disappointment caused by their hypocrisy and greed.

The negativity of AC is affecting the faith and well being of brothers and sisters in Christ. We are called to be encouraging and nurturing, especially to our children. As Christians, we need to be a light to our nation and world.

AC has pros and cons. There are many important things that make it amazing and we need the good branches grow. We are the branches of Jesus and he is the vine. We need to follow Jesus more, dedicate positive strength and goodness in American Christianity. It is a battle we must win. We must also serve others to help them win their battle. Reading and doing the word of God brings out the sword of the spirit and obtain victory. AC was based on the idea of one nation under God. We need to bring Jesus back into the spotlight of the nation.

Many Christians are discouraged at the direction AC is headed and are ready for a change. A Jesus Revival, a Bible Revival is what is needed.
It’s time to take a stand for Jesus and be a light of the world. Support your church, volunteer in any way and feel the full blessings of serving. Just love and love will take over your life on the path to salvation.

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